The Three Graces is the image that has come to us from Ancient Greek Mythology and started a movement in the History of Art. The theme of The Three Graces has been relevant at different times, but has gained substantial popularity since the 15th century. The Three Graces were repeatedly represented by the greatest artists of all time who brought their own meaning to these images. Among these artists were geniuses like Raphael Santi, Sandro Botticelli, Peter Paul Rubens, Picasso and many others. For thousands of years, the artists creating The Three Graces sang the praises of the eternity of the magnificent triumvirate, of course, each in their own unique style.
One of the significant things about this artwork is the fact that each Grace holds a golden sphere in her hand which symbolizes perfection. Sometimes the spheres are interpreted as golden apples from Ancient Greek Mythology. For thousands of years Beauty, Femininity and Spirituality of the Graces have been drawing admiring glances of art lovers, bestowing on them a beautiful experience and pleasant emotions. Beauty standards for women have changed countless times over the years, changing the perception of beauty ideals and how those ideals affect people; but one thing remains intact - the inner light emanating from women, and that’s fascinating.
My artwork “The Three Graces” represents Beauty, Strength and Love, which for me are the main values in modern life. I chose this theme for my artwork, because I wanted to become a part of this powerful story, interpreting it in my own signature art style.
The canvas was coated with a special paint, which only in ultraviolet light reveals to the viewer the main words that symbolize this artwork. At the moment, this is one of the biggest artworks I have ever done. canvas size: 87 x 58 inch / 220 x 147 cm

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